You are currently viewing Shree Cement Unveils Striking Brand Transformation with ‘Bangur’ Taking Center Stage (2024)

Shree Cement Unveils Striking Brand Transformation with ‘Bangur’ Taking Center Stage (2024)

In a grand announcement that echoes innovation and ambition, Shree Cement Limited, one of India’s premier cement manufacturers, has orchestrated a comprehensive makeover of its corporate brand identity. The cornerstone of this transformation is the introduction of ‘Bangur’ as the master brand, aligning with the core philosophy of ‘Build Smart.’ This philosophy encapsulates the company’s consumer-centric approach, organizational ethos, and broader national aspirations.

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A Cinematic Unveiling

The revelation of the Bangur master brand was accompanied by a captivating advertising campaign, featuring the renowned Bollywood actor, Mr. Sunny Deol, as the brand endorser. Speaking at the launch event in New Delhi, Mr. Neeraj Akhoury, the Managing Director, emphasized the strategic alignment of the ‘Bangur’ launch with the company’s commitment to understanding and responding to evolving customer sentiments and aspirations.

Mr. Akhoury remarked, “The intent is to position ‘Bangur’ as the company’s umbrella brand, with a refreshed and discernible brand identity. Through this makeover, we aim to connect better with our customers, providing them unique experiences with differentiated products.”

Highlights of the Grand Unveiling

The event, attended by over 8,000 participants, showcased several key highlights of Shree Cement’s branding revamp:

1. New Logo and Modern Visual Identity

Bangur Cement’s updated brand logo represents a contemporary design mirroring its forward-thinking approach. This symbolic evolution is in line with the company’s commitment to progress and innovation.

2. Revamped Product Line

Cutting-edge enhancements have been introduced across the product range, showcasing innovation and addressing the evolving needs of discerning customers. This signifies dedication to providing top-notch quality products.

3. Bangur Magna: A Premium Offering by Shree Cement

The introduction of Bangur Magna signifies a commitment to excellence. It is a premium offering, presenting a superior product with a highly differentiated pack appearance, catering to a more discerning customer base.

4. Celebrity-Backed Advertising Campaign

The advertising campaign featuring Mr. Sunny Deol is set to make waves across various media channels, including TV, digital, outdoor, print, and retail, ensuring maximum reach and impact.

5. Sustainability Affirmation

Shree Cement has reaffirmed its commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly practices. This aligns with the company’s sense of responsibility towards the environment, reflecting a dedication beyond business goals.

6. Digital Scale-Up

With a focus on digital initiatives, the company plans to engage in influencer programs with contractors, engineers, masons, and dealers. This approach aims to strengthen the company’s digital presence and outreach.


The revamped brand of Shree Cement speaks volumes about the company’s dedication to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction. The unveiling of the new brand identity underscores the company’s intent to market and sell all variants of cement across its geographical territories under the revamped ‘Bangur’ brand. As the company continues to evolve, the ‘Build Smart’ philosophy stands as a testament to its commitment to meeting the dynamic needs of its customers.


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