You are currently viewing Green Initiatives: Indian Railways Teams Up with CII for Sustainable Future! (2024)

Green Initiatives: Indian Railways Teams Up with CII for Sustainable Future! (2024)

Inking the Pact: Indian Railways and CII Sign MoU for the Third Consecutive Term

In a significant move towards environmental stewardship and green initiative, Indian Railways and the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) have solidified their commitment to reduce energy and water consumption, aiming to lower greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), renewed for the third consecutive term, was officially signed on January 4, 2024, marking a continued alliance in pursuit of sustainable practices.

The Key Players

The MoU exchange took place between Shri. Shailendra Singh, Principal Executive Director/ME (EnHM & Project), Rly. Board, and Smt. Seema Arora, Deputy Director General, CII. The ceremony, attended by Smt. Jaya Varma Sinha, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Railway Board, along with Board Members and senior officers, underscored the significance of this strategic partnership.

The Green Initiative: Indian Railways’ Environmental Responsibility

Recognizing its role as a major stakeholder in the transportation sector, Indian Railways has embraced the responsibility of environmental protection. With a target to achieve “Net Zero Carbon Emission” by 2030, the organization has implemented various green initiatives across its numerous railway stations, production units, workshops, and establishments.

Past Achievements

The collaboration with CII, which began in July 2016, has yielded substantial progress. The initial MoU, signed for three years in 2016, was renewed for an additional three years in 2019. Key achievements include energy efficiency in manufacturing facilities, GreenCo ratings for 75 railway units, recognition of 40 railway stations as Green Railway Stations, and green certifications for over 40 buildings.

Capacity Building and Skill Development

The partnership has also focused on capacity building and skill development. More than 20 new technology suppliers have been introduced, and around 900 Indian Railways officials have received training on various aspects of energy efficiency.

Optimism for the Future

Smt. Jaya Varma Sinha, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Railway Board, expressed optimism about the renewed collaboration. She emphasized Indian Railways’ unwavering commitment to sustainable practices, with green initiatives ingrained in the planning, design, development, and operations of the railway.

CII’s Appreciation

Deputy Director General of CII, Ms. Seema Arora, commended Indian Railways for its proactive green measures. She highlighted the importance of the partnership in driving sustainable development, stating, “Our renewed partnership with Indian Railways signifies a strategic shift towards the Net Zero framework.”

Future Collaborations Outlined in the MoU

In addition to the ongoing initiatives, the MoU outlines future collaborations. This includes the introduction of new technologies, assistance for ISO 50001 certification of workshops/production units, and the development of a Net-Zero Energy Railway station framework. A dedicated information dashboard will be created to showcase the progress in green initiatives throughout the year.

Conclusion: A Shared Commitment to a Greener Tomorrow

In conclusion, the renewed MoU between Indian Railways and CII stands as a testament to their dedication to sustainable practices. This collaborative effort affirms a shared commitment to building a more environmentally responsible railway network for generations to come.


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